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I am very excited to be facilitating your continuation of the Modeling approach to chemistry. . The approach is considerably different than the traditional way, an approach that required memorizing a bunch of facts soon to be forgotten. Our journey into chemistry will be evidence based with very little direct instruction by me. Yes, I, a teacher raised through the traditional approach to a Ph.D, thought we should start out with the periodic table and go from there. It seemed so logical. However, just about two years ago now, I was exposed to this alternative approach in a couple of weekend workshops. I became so enamored of the approach that I paid my own way and lodging for three weeks in Missouri during the summer of 2013. This past summer and well as the summer of 2014, I was a facilitator for a three-week workshop in Michigan where I helped train other teachers in this approach. This was in part of a $2 million grant of bring modeling in science to Michigan.

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  • Final Exam Tomorrow. Today's PwrPnt Review Available on Moodle. June 7, 2017 It is at the bottom of the S/G Chem 2B Class. Dr Js AAPS Moodle can be found here: http://www.jfinnan.com/shs/moodle/ To log in your username is YearOfGraduationlastnamefirstname (all lowercase) (No middle initial!!!) Password: your id number
  • Lectures and PwrPnts on Energy Wells and Lewis Structures Available on Moodle May 30, 2017 Dr Js AAPS Moodle can be found here: http://www.jfinnan.com/shs/moodle/ To log in your username is YearOfGraduationlastnamefirstname (all lowercase)(No middle initial!!!) Password: your id number
  • Unit 10 Exam Average 93.9%. 14 Perfect. 82% got an A- or Higher. May 17, 2017
  • Unit 10 Plicker Review PowerPoint available on DJs AAPS MOODLE May 16, 2017 A clickable PwrPnt is available on my Moodle site http://www.jfinnan.com/shs/moodle/             The PwrPnt can be found SGChem2B Class and scroll down to the bottom of Unit 10.  
  • Atomic Model Scientists Links May 9, 2017   Class Scientist Group Member Last Names. Presentations 1st Hour J J Thomson Reynolds, Anderson Link 1st Hour Robert A. Millikan Nathan Carbeck, Marina Dauer Link 1st Hour Ernest Rutherford Watza & Peck Link 1st Hour Henry Moseley Schrupp and Lofy Link 1st Hour Niels Bohr Watza, Noll Link 1st Hour James Chadwick Wilhoit, Shen, Kanzelmeyer Link 2nd Hour J.J Thomson Shunnar, Baugh,Pi Link 2nd Hour Robert Millikan Dahlmann, Whybark, Brightmon Link 2nd Hour Ernest Rutherford Kelly, Alobudi, Almendras Link 2nd Hour Moseley Zoldan, Ernst, Rettell Link 2nd Hour Niels Bohr Carpenter, Ketola, Gagliardi Link 2nd Hour James Chadwick Yost, Bielawa, Miklethun Link 4th Hour Thomson Vandiepen, Kowal, Young, McKenna Link 4th ...
  • With Five yet to be Tested, Unit 9 Test Average 85.0% with Five Perfect and Seven just losing 1/2 Point. May 8, 2017 Here are the stats: Mean 29.75 Standard Error 0.68 Median 31.25 Mode 35.00 Standard Deviation 5.44 Sample Variance 29.62 Kurtosis 0.83 Skewness -1.25 Range 21 Minimum 14 Maximum 35  
  • With Six Still to Take, Unit 8 Exam Average 89.6%. Ten Perfect Scores! 63% got A- or better! April 1, 2017 The grading went faster than expected because you did so well. Test with lower scores take longer to grade because it takes to figure out what partial scoring to give for each objective in the free response questions. The weakest performance by objective was in the limiting reactant realm although mole ratios comes in a ...
  • Limited availability SAT and PSAT week for those who must take Unit 8 Exam and those who want to start test reflections April 1, 2017 Because I am heavily involved with the testing the week of our return from break and am only available that Thursday and only a maybe that Friday. Since we will be doing some critical review of gas properties on Monday and a lab on Thursday, taking the test during class is definitely out of the possibility.  
  • Learning From Mistakes (LFMs) Reflections - More than just Retesting. April 1, 2017 Learning From Mistakes (LFMs) Reflections - More than just Retesting. To demonstrate mastery for a particular objective that was assessed in a unit exam, you must complete “Learn From Mistakes” test corrections and reflections followed by some quizzing. The steps: 75% Write LFM Reflections on the top of the paper. Write the objective (number and statement) for which you ...
  • Unit 8 Exam Tomorrow. Review Guide Whiteboarded. March 30, 2017 Unit 8 Exam Is tomorrow. Will cover the five objectives we Packet 1 (17 process points) Will be collected tomorrow after you turn in your exam. Worksheet 0 3/20 Worksheet 1 3/21 Worksheet 2 3/22 Worksheet 3 3/27 Worksheet 4  3/28 Review Guide 3/28 and Notebook. Review Guide Table groups whiteboarded the first two particle diagram questions The next questions were assigned to each table group. Need to get on ...
  • Chem 2B starts off with Review of 2A March 16, 2017 Unit 8 Student Objectives: Stoichiometry-Part 1 (8.01) I can use molar mass of a substance to convert between mass and the number of moles of a substance (from unit 5). (8.02) I can write a balanced chemical equation and relate the coefficients to the number of particles participating in the reaction. (8.03) I can calculate the number of ...
  • Unit 11 Average 86.3% with 64% of the Students Getting > 90%! No Perfect Scores However. March 1, 2017 Here are the plots:                  

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