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I am very excited to be facilitating your introduction to chemistry this trimester. The approach is considerably different than the traditional way, an approach that required memorizing a bunch of facts soon to be forgotten. Our journey into chemistry will be evidence based with very little direct instruction by me. Yes, I, a teacher raised through the traditional approach to a PhD, thought we should start out with the periodic table and go from there. It seemed so logical.

However, just about two years ago now, I was exposed to this alternative approach in a couple of weekend workshops. I became so enamored of the approach that I paid my own way and lodging for three weeks in Missouri during the summer of 2013. This past summer and well as the summer of 2014, I was a facilitator for a three-week workshop in Michigan where I helped train other teachers in this approach. This was in part of a $2 million grant of bring modeling in science to Michigan.

Not memorizing a lot of facts sounds appealing, eh? Some of you who like that approach and do very well at memorizing may not like this approach which values thinking more than anything else. You will hear me constantly querying “How do you know?”

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