Final Exam Tomorrow. Today's PwrPnt Review Available on Moodle.

It is at the bottom of the S/G Chem 2B Class. Dr Js AAPS Moodle can be found here: To log in… more »

Lectures and PwrPnts on Energy Wells and Lewis Structures Available on Moodle

Dr Js AAPS Moodle can be found here: To log in your username is YearOfGraduationlastnamefirstname (all lowercase)(No middle initial!!!) Password: your id… more »

Unit 10 Exam Average 93.9%. 14 Perfect. 82% got an A- or Higher.

Unit 10 Plicker Review PowerPoint available on DJs AAPS MOODLE

A clickable PwrPnt is available on my Moodle site             The PwrPnt can be found SGChem2B Class… more »

Atomic Model Scientists Links

  Class Scientist Group Member Last Names. Presentations 1st Hour J J Thomson Reynolds, Anderson Link 1st Hour Robert A. Millikan Nathan Carbeck,… more »

With Five yet to be Tested, Unit 9 Test Average 85.0% with Five Perfect and Seven just losing 1/2 Point.

Here are the stats: Mean 29.75 Standard Error 0.68 Median 31.25 Mode 35.00 Standard Deviation 5.44 Sample Variance 29.62 Kurtosis 0.83 Skewness -1.25… more »

With Six Still to Take, Unit 8 Exam Average 89.6%. Ten Perfect Scores! 63% got A- or better!

The grading went faster than expected because you did so well. Test with lower scores take longer to grade because it takes to… more »

Limited availability SAT and PSAT week for those who must take Unit 8 Exam and those who want to start test reflections

Because I am heavily involved with the testing the week of our return from break and am only available that Thursday and only… more »

Learning From Mistakes (LFMs) Reflections - More than just Retesting.

Learning From Mistakes (LFMs) Reflections - More than just Retesting. To demonstrate mastery for a particular objective that was assessed in a unit… more »

Unit 8 Exam Tomorrow. Review Guide Whiteboarded.

Unit 8 Exam Is tomorrow. Will cover the five objectives we Packet 1 (17 process points) Will be collected tomorrow after you turn… more »

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