Unit 3 Exam Average 85% with Five Perfect & Five Near Perfect. Over 55% of the Class got 90% or Greater!

Test Reflections will close after next Tuesday March 7. Here are the distributions.                

Tuesday February 21 is the last day for test reflections.

If you got less than 7% on any objective/standard you push your overall score up a lot to a little. Every decimal point… more »

Seven Perfect Unit 2 Exams. Average 85.3% with a low of 35%!

Genie Jeff was Correct! Several forgot to change temperatures to the absolute scale.     There is one student who has to take… more »

Learning From Mistakes (LFMs) Reflections - More than just Retesting.

Learning From Mistakes (LFMs) Reflections - More than just Retesting. To demonstrate mastery for a particular objective that was assessed in a unit… more »

Unit 1 Exam Average 87.8% Three perfect and five near perfect.

Here is the distribution of the scores:                       Here are the objectives. For… more »

A surprising result in the Mass & Change Lab?

Reflection Describe in words what a properly drawn particle should look like. Mass & Change Lab Data for the six stations obtained. Heating… more »

Safety First, Safety Contract, Syllabus, Whiteboard Training Camp

Safety POGIL Students worked through a self-guided POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) The Safety Contract needs to be signed as soon as… more »

Exam on Thursday. Worksheet 3 Finished. Emp & Molec Formulas (2). Quiz

Reflection A mass of 79.90 g Br has the same number of atoms as _____ g of Na.    Unit 5 Exam On Thursday… more »

Plicker PwrPnt Review Available at the Bottom of Moodle

There "evaluation copy" stamp will disappear later this evening. On Moodle this is called "Plicker PwrPnt Review with Class Choices."

Three Perfect and Six Near Perfect Scores on Unit 3 Exam. Average was 78.5%.

Mastery is 26.25 Points.

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