Atomic Model Scientists Links


Class Scientist Group Member Last Names. Presentations
1st Hour J J Thomson Reynolds, Anderson Link
1st Hour Robert A. Millikan Nathan Carbeck, Marina Dauer Link
1st Hour Ernest Rutherford Watza & Peck Link
1st Hour Henry Moseley Schrupp and Lofy Link
1st Hour Niels Bohr Watza, Noll Link
1st Hour James Chadwick Wilhoit, Shen, Kanzelmeyer Link
2nd Hour J.J Thomson Shunnar, Baugh,Pi Link
2nd Hour Robert Millikan Dahlmann, Whybark, Brightmon Link
2nd Hour Ernest Rutherford Kelly, Alobudi, Almendras Link
2nd Hour Moseley Zoldan, Ernst, Rettell Link
2nd Hour Niels Bohr Carpenter, Ketola, Gagliardi Link
2nd Hour James Chadwick Yost, Bielawa, Miklethun Link
4th Hour Thomson Vandiepen, Kowal, Young, McKenna Link
4th Hour Robert Millikan Smith, Giannobile, Cohen Link
4th Hour Ernest Rutherford Hall, Lee, Semones Link
4th Hour Henry Mosley Kelso, Greco,Morris, Arnett Link
4th Hour Niels Bohr Linville, Zimmer, Pieszchala, Klobucar Link
4th Hour Sir James Chadwick Huang, Hann, Schmidt, Potter Link
5th Hour JJ Thomson Bauer, Michele, Chey Link
5th Hour Robert Millikan Chicoine and Bacon Link
5th Hour Ernest Rutherford Hunter, Knight, Mason Link
5th Hour Henry Moseley Zossiaux, Garrido-Witkowski Link
5th Hour Niels Bohr Stam, Saidane, Bahr Link
5th Hour Sir James Chadwick Arnav Nadgir and Jessica Huang Link


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