Unit 8 Exam Tomorrow. Review Guide Whiteboarded.

Unit 8 Exam Is tomorrow. Will cover the five objectives we Packet 1 (17 process points) Will be collected tomorrow after you turn… more »


Chem 2B starts off with Review of 2A

Unit 8 Student Objectives: Stoichiometry-Part 1 (8.01) I can use molar mass of a substance to convert between mass and the number of… more »


Unit 3 Exam Average 85% with Five Perfect & Five Near Perfect. Over 55% of the Class got 90% or Greater!

Test Reflections will close after next Tuesday March 7. Here are the distributions.                


Unit 11 Average 86.3% with 64% of the Students Getting > 90%! No Perfect Scores However.

Here are the plots:                  

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