Unit 11 Postponed till Friday. Can you explain ionization & size trends?

Apparently not. Even though this was discussed a number of days ago, all seemed to have forgotten. Better know by tomorrow. This lack… more »


Review for Thursday's Exam Started Today. Review Online Lectures!

After we quickly review Lewis structures, we finished Worksheet 5. Then we worked on the review. Many of you need to review Energy… more »


Unit 11 Exam on Thursday.

We finish with worksheet 5 and start the review guide tomorrow. We finish the review on Wednesday with time to spare. See earlier… more »


Energy Wells and Lewis Structures.

An eight-minute lecture on Energy Wells, Ionic and Covalent bonding can be found here: The PwrPnt for this can be found on… more »


Unit 6 Part 2 Exam Average 86.3% with Six Perfect and Five Near Perfect. 50% of the Class got 90% or Better.



Tuesday February 21 is the last day for test reflections.

If you got less than 7% on any objective/standard you push your overall score up a lot to a little. Every decimal point… more »


Seven Perfect Unit 2 Exams. Average 85.3% with a low of 35%!

Genie Jeff was Correct! Several forgot to change temperatures to the absolute scale.     There is one student who has to take… more »


Unit 10 Exam Average 91.5% with only one perfect score of 40.

Students performed the weakest on objective 10.01 which concerned light energy both continuous and discontinuous. Two students have yet to take the exam.… more »

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