Learning From Mistakes (LFMs) Reflections - More than just Retesting.

Learning From Mistakes (LFMs) Reflections – More than just Retesting.

To demonstrate mastery for a particular objective that was assessed in a unit exam,  you must  complete  “Learn From Mistakes” test corrections and  reflections followed by some quizzing. The steps:


  1. Write LFM Reflections on the top of the paper.
  1. Write the objective (number and statement) for which you are striving to attain.

For example:

(6.01) I can describe/explain the interactions between charged objects.

  1. For each question you got wrong:
  2. a) Rewrite question in your own words. Draw a diagram if necessary/appropriate.
  3. b) What was your mistake? Why did you write the answer you wrote?
  4. c) Why is the correct answer correct? Why does the correct answer make sense to you now?

How are you going to remember it?

  • When completed submit to your teacher. In most cases, you will be given a short quiz, verbal or written, to determine whether you now understand the standard.
    • If successful, your grade in this particular standard will be raised to 75%.
    • If unsuccessful, we will have return another day for re-quizzing.

You must come after school when Dr. J. has his regular hours. See board on south wall. On rare occasion, he may be available during lunch by appointment.

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