TaskChains Glorious TaskChains: Eight of 'em!


  • As promised Eight TaskChains have been provided to help you review for the final exam.
    • Some are ones I have been using over the years.
    • Some have added questions to them.
    • Some are totally new.
  • Each TaskChain has two or up to five HotPotatoe quizzes (HotPots).
    • You may love them.
    • You may hate them.
  • They are worth many process points.
    • They will vary by how many HotPots there are in each TaskChain.
    • They are five points for each HotPot.
    • If you do not complete a TaskChain, you will not get any points for that particular TaskChain.
    • You must get at least 90% on each HotPot to complete a TaskChain.
    • If you do not complete a TaskChain you will be excused from it in the Gradebook.
      • However, many of you will regret not completing them.
  • See the video on how they work.
  • Make sure you see the video on how the keypad works before attempting any of the naming TaskChains because you need to know how to at subscripts.
  • You might want to tackle some of the other TaskChains first.
  • They can be found at the bottom of the Moodle course page in the Review section

Chromebook Practice Tomorrow

  • There will be a cart in class tomorrow.
  • On Tuesday we will work on the Review guide.
  • We can decide whether we want to work on Chromebooks on Wednesday or not.



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