Safety First, Safety Contract, Syllabus, Whiteboard Training Camp

Safety POGIL Students worked through a self-guided POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) The Safety Contract needs to be signed as soon as… more »


This will be the last S/GChem2A Remind and Moodle Email. Best of luck 2nd and 3rd Trimesters

Hi All, Tomorrow morning early I will be purging the S/GChem2A Remind Participants. If you are in my 2B class this coming trimester,… more »


For those not in my class 2nd Tri: A Snow Day Remind. Follow link or see email from Moodle.

Want to learn early that some morning this winter will be a snow day without having to roll out of bed? If so… more »


Career Tip: Skip Social Media

Hi All, It is me harassing you again. I hope you are enjoying your brief respite from the daily and nightly grind of… more »


Six Moles Award for Perfect Final Exam Scores. Overall Average 81.8%.



5th-Hour Exam and TaskChains due for 5th Hour. More TaskChaining in the other hours tomorrow.

Just a reminder that the TaskChains must be completed by the beginning of  5th hour for 5th-hour students. For other students they are… more »


How to Tell Where You are in the TaskChains.

Not sure what you have completed? To to the TaskChain link on the upper left side. Which opens up the screen below. This… more »


A TaskChaining Kind of Day

TaskChains Student started tackling them today. There are eight of them If you were absent today you will have to tackle them on… more »


Energy in Rxns on Friday. Review Guide Due Tuesday

Energy Details in Rxns We worked through Worksheet 4 and started Worksheet 4B. See Energy in Chemical Rxns Worksheet 4 etc (12-min Lecture)… more »


TaskChains Glorious TaskChains: Eight of 'em!

TaskChains As promised Eight TaskChains have been provided to help you review for the final exam. Some are ones I have been using… more »

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