methanolani1This site will serve as a gateway for keeping both student and parent informed about the goings on with my classes.

A little bit about me. I was raised in upstate New York north of Albany and attended Stony Brook University on Long Island. Stony Brook is part of New York’s state university system where I had intended to become a marine biologist. Exposed to biochemistry for the first time there, I ended up majoring in biochemistry. Through a sequence of events I ended up hanging out in the chemistry department doing research of my own making. I even got that work published back in the 70s. I ended up going to Northwestern University where I got a Ph.D. in chemistry. My thesis work dealt with the chemical synthesis of DNA. Nowadays, there are machines that do what we pioneered. I next did postdoctoral work in vitamin K biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin. After that in search of a real job, I started working at BASF a German-based company in Michigan. I worked in the vitamins area here in Michigan and also in flavors in New Jersey.  Along the way I got 15 patents individually and with a team of others.

Having made enough to retire very early, I became a stay-at-home dad. My daughter was in fourth grade then. She is now 24 studying for a masters in nutrition at Tufts University in Boston. Emily graduated from MSU three years ago. Even before I retired, I was doing online tutoring in chemistry. As my daughter started middle school, I was getting bored and I thought I would get certified in teaching. I started my new career in Southfield and started at Skyline in 2010 when the first class needed chemistry teachers in their junior year. My wife Mary has been involved in medical insurance mostly at HMOs and has investigated Medicare fraud. We live in Dearborn, 35 miles away.

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